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Give your customers a better digital experience

In an age where costly ‘bricks and mortar’ branches and stores are closing, SuiteBox allows you to give your customers a face-to-face, trust-based experience whilst you benefit from the efficiency of digital channels.

SuiteBox helps companies improve customer experience and close business faster using online video meetings combined with easy digital signing and robust compliance tools.


Improve Customer Satisfaction

Add choice and convenience to your customer journey:

  • Give customers the choice and convenience of digital combined with the comfort of dealing with humans
  • Make convenience a priority with anywhere, anytime digital meeting and electronic signing capabilities
  • Remove nasty forms and processes that drive customers away from doing business with you
  • Guide customers through sales opportunities and business processes – helping them feel comfortable and securing you more business
  • Meet, collaborate and transact with customers on any device – desktop, tablet or mobile

Close Deals Faster

Get business moving and close more deals:

Meet more clients, more often.

  • Meet, collaborate and transact with your customers remotely – anywhere, anytime. SuiteBox combines all parts of the deal closing process in one simple tool
  • Remove the cost and pain of physical mail, print-sign scan documents and broken workflows. All documents are shared securely, signed digitally and stored online – either in our cloud or yours.
  • Integrate directly with your CRM and customer management systems* for quick and easy deal processing
  • Forget the hassle of trying to find convenient dates, times and locations to get business done. All you need is an internet connection and a camera.



Reduce Deal Abandonment

Stop customers walking away from deals:

  • Meet your customers face-to-face from anywhere in the world, engage with them in a more meaningful way and build real momentum in the sales process
  • Collaboratively review and discuss documents live in as much or as little detail as required – removing the need for back and forth emails and phone calls
  • Close deals instantly with signed commitment: get documentation signed in your meeting and remove the potential for buyer’s remorse

Enhance Compliance

Keep on top of your regulatory requirements and deter would-be fraudsters:

  • SuiteBox can provide video-recorded evidence of meetings – so advice and consultations can be clearly recorded and verbal agreements evidenced alongside digitally signed documents
  • SuiteBox integrates directly into your CRM and customer management systems, feeding your files and recordings directly to customer records
  • Evidence intent with proof of understanding and agreement captured on evidential video recordings
  • Automatic audit trail records are appended to every signed document automatically, giving full details of each signer, their location, time, date and device – as well as a picture of them!
  • To reduce the chance of fraud, Suitebox uses its VideoSign™ Proof of Signature technology, which means you can witness and record who is signing.
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